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Wedding coming up? 50th Anniversary Celebration? Big Birthday Bash? Whatever the special occasion, one thing is for sure; planning a sophisticated event and coordinating all the details and things that have to happen is no easy task. There are tons of mistakes; even a professional event planner could go wrong with like not including Zipline Ordering. The severest part of making mistakes in event planning is that there is no way for you to reverse the error or bring back the time to make new arrangements. The only way out is cross-checking every detail in event planning and ensuring that every facility arranged has a sufficient backup.

The following listed are the top 5 mistakes every Event Planner has to avoid for organizing successful events.
1. Inadequate Planning:

Many details could most probably go wrong like the Keynote Speaker not showing up, taking in too many registrations, and not being sufficiently able to cater to guests, over defining on your goals, and missing out on the actual agenda of your event.

The event planners can gain full control over the event only when all the arrangements are well-done beforehand, with the event having a backup plan at every step. The relief a substitute gives at events takes your confidence to the next level because even the simplest of arrangements failed. You will have an alternative supporting detail to ensure the event’s smooth flow.

2. Clumsy Communication:

Miscommunication is the gravest of all the mistakes, especially in event planning. Communicating the wrong information on date, time of events, vendor, speakers, attendees, talent, or organizing team information will result in a colossal magnitude of chaos. The same applies to delayed or no communication at all.

All the arrangements and their successful execution will happen only when every person partaking in the event is kept in a good loop. This is only possible with effective and timely communication. Therefore, communicate early, communicate often, and communicate well, both with your suppliers and attendees. Also, communicate to all team members relevant information and any respective changes.

3. Ignoring the Details:

Details can be very tricky, and ignoring them is the silliest of mistakes. You must be wondering what details are we talking about, right? In event planning, components of scheduling, arranging, marketing, and post-event activities are the most overlooked ones.

Consider the use of automation and technology in all these processes. Inculcating suitable technology not only makes planning convenient but also hassle-free with minimum chance of errors. Conduct post-event customer satisfaction surveys to not repeat the same mistakes and to improve the quality of events. Email surveys could be an excellent way to educate your clients on the latest events, promotions, and exclusive offers.

4. Poor Scheduling:

Scheduling is a significant part of any event planning business. Scheduling of budget, time, and talent is an essential basis for any event. If not done well, poor scheduling can take a toll on the rest of the arrangements.

The key to a successful event has the right people at the right time with the right skills. Check the number of your team, make sure it is coordinating with guests attending your event and arrangements to be made. Schedule and double-check every detail with the eye of an eagle.

5. Not including Zipline Ordering:

Frankly, don’t take any chance of not including Zipline Ordering at your event. If you are an event organizer, be aware that the level of comfort this simple yet efficient app brings into your life is unimaginable.

Zipline Ordering is a mobile app that is a one-stop-shop for all your event planning activities and eliminates the probability of all the mistakes and details that could ever go wrong at your events.

Zipline Ordering is a mobile app that provides food and beverage options at your event. It is the new easy, convenient, and transparent way of handling services at your event. Zipline Ordering will guarantee that you have flexibility in the variety and quantity of food you would be ordering at your event. Zipline Ordering uses geolocation technology to ensure efficient ordering interface and accurate delivery of food. Zipline Ordering has the experience of making food, drinks flow smoothly, and make your event run like clockwork while you can thoroughly enjoy your event. You can spend your time mingling with your friends or business associates. What good is throwing a party that you cannot enjoy? Zipline Ordering is economical, resilient, and efficient.

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Zipline Ordering
Zipline Ordering

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