Guide to choose Zipline Ordering over catering: A definitive Case

So, you have decided to throw a party. Great, now it’s time to consider all of the things you must do to make it a success. You need to make a guest list, plan decorations, arrange for a DJ, etc. The list goes on and on, but one of the most critical tasks is arranging for the food. Food and drink will make or break your party. The question you must decide is, are you going to go old school way to hire a caterer, or are you going to adopt the trend of letting Zipline Ordering handle the food giving you the flexibility and guest satisfaction.

The most enjoyable events are often those in which the food is divine. Oliver Twist said, “Please, Sir, can I have some more?” And although it is doubtful that you will be serving gruel at your next event, you will want your guests feeling pleased. If Woody Allen is on your guest list, alert your service when you sit to the menu plan. Allen has made it very clear, “I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick, not wounded, dead.” We often witness these Oliver Twists and Woody Allens make their way into our events and, we as courteous guests want to impress them and ensure that they are satisfied. Zipline will help you achieve precisely that satisfaction with more flexibility ensuring safety and speedy service.

Guide to choose Zipline Ordering over catering: A definitive Case

The downside of letting caterers handle your food is that it is an expensive investment given the limited variety of food you can choose from. It involves an extra price to pay for the preparation, transportation, and services, which ends up being significantly pricey. This price will not include a drink or a bar, which will be an additional expense on your side. You will not have many diverse food options in terms of cuisines and would have to settle for the kind that the caterers would potentially offer. It is also the matter of privacy when a bunch of strangers will be toiling around your event interacting with your guests, decreasing safety levels amongst these uncertain times.

It is the new easy, convenient, and transparent way of handling services at your event. Zipline Ordering will guarantee that you have flexibility in the variety and quantity of food you would be ordering at your event.

Whereas, Zipline Ordering is a mobile app that provides food and beverage options at your event. Zipline Ordering uses geolocation technology to ensure efficient ordering interface and accurate delivery of food. Zipline Ordering has the experience of making food, drinks flow smoothly, and make your event run like clockwork while you can thoroughly enjoy your event. You can spend your time mingling with your friends or business associates. What good is throwing a party that you cannot enjoy? Zipline is economical, resilient, and efficient.